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McAlpine’s Directory – St. Jacques, 1904©

Census reports are a great source of information for historians and those interested in genealogy. Though there are census reports of Newfoundland’s population prior to the 1900’s which one can find online these days they do not provide information on all communities in the country. The south coast of Newfoundland, particularly Fortune Bay, doesn’t show up in great detail in many of these reports.

McAlpine's Directory

McAlpine’s Directory

Published between 1870 and the outbreak of World War I, the McAlpine’s Directories were a series of books published by the McAlpine Publishing Company of Halifax, Nova Scotia, which included lists of businesses and heads of households for communities on the island. They were also published for the Maritime Provinces and Canada. These directories were heavily laced with advertising throughout. They were used to locate businesses and to find names of people to contact in various communities when conducting business or correspondence. They also had the appeal of seeing who lived in the many small communities scattered around the island. Our telephone books of today are similar directories.

Cover 1904 McAlpine Directory, Newfoundland

Cover 1904 McAlpine’s Directory, Newfoundland

St. Jacques Entry, 1904 McAlpne Directory

St. Jacques Entry, 1904 McAlpine’s Directory













Below is an excerpt from the 1904 McAlpine’s Directory for Newfoundland with corrections for misspelled names in the original. This wasn’t a census, therefore only the ‘heads of households’ were listed. Spouses and children were not included. As a result we cannot get a clear indication of the total population of St. Jacques in that year.
McAlpine’s 1904 Directory – St. Jacques

Burke D J and T , Dennis J Burke, Thomas Burke  General Dealers
Burke Denis  Speculator
Burke Michael Jr.  General Dealer
Burke Patrick O  Sea Captain
Burke Isaac  Sea Captain
Burke Michael J  General Dealer
Burke William T  General Dealer
Burke Patrick J  Carpenter
Burke William  Clerk
Burke Ambrose  Laborer
Burke Patrick D  Sea Captain
Burke Thomas of  D J & T Burke
Burke Denis J of  D J & T Burke
Clinton Charles  Sub-Collector H.M. Customs
Clinton Henry  Tidewaiter
Cluett John W  Fisherman
Cluett Archibald  Fisherman
Dyett Samuel  Fisherman
Dyett James  Fisherman
Dinham Isaac  Sea Captain
Dinham Isaac  Fisherman
Drake John  Fisherman
Evans Thomas  Fisherman
Evans Isaac  Fisherman
Noseworthy John C  Fisherman
Evans Herbert  Fisherman
Evans William  Fisherman
Fiander John  Fisherman
Fiander John T  Fisherman
Fiander James  Fisherman
Fiander William  Fisherman
Gould George  Laborer
Oakey James  Fisherman
Hunt Matthew  Fisherman
Kassip Isaac  General Dealer
Kiddle Philip  Fisherman
Lee William  Fisherman
Lee Robert  Carpenter
Lee Edwin  Fisherman
McCarthy Patrick  Fisherman
McCarthy Robert  Fisherman
McCarthy Michael  Fisherman
McCarthy Joseph  Fisherman
McEvoy Patrick  General Dealer and Telegraph Operator
Murphy Denis  Fisherman
Murphy John  Fisherman
Penny Joseph  Sea Captain
Penny Patrick  Seaman
Piercey Benjamin  Fisherman
Skinner William  Farmer
Skinner James  Fisherman
Skinner Abraham  Fisherman
Staple John  Shoemaker
Tibbo —- Widow of Henry
Tibbo George  Fisherman
Tibbo Alexander  Fisherman
Tuck William  Mail Carrier
Whelan James  Fisherman
Young John H  General Dealer
Young James  Seaman
Young William  Fisherman
Young Hubert  H.M. storekeeper
Young Samuel  Sea Captain
Young Randall  Sea Captain
Young John  Sea Captain

The complete McAlpine’s Director of Newfoundland for the Year 1904 is available online at Memorial University`s Digital Collections. You can download a PDF version of the document by clicking here.


  1. Wow! Never thought that there were that many in St.Jacques. John

  2. What a gaggle of Burkes!

  3. Yes John Burke, lots of Burkes but also lots of Youngs!!

  4. my grandfather was Patrick Burke b. 1888. Brothers included Alphonse and Leo. Sister Helena married a Bates. Any relatives out there?

    • Kathy
      There are Burkes out there; many of them. There are no Burkes or their descendants currently living in St. Jacques. The last family moved out during the mid-1950’s. Several follow this blog and may get in touch with you through postings here. I can give you contact information through a private e-mail.

  5. I remember my mother speaking about the Burkes; one family moved to the
    Bay St. George area and I do believe lived on the Port-Au-Port peninsula. One family lived in Stephenville…Gordon & Kathleen (Burke) Young, very nice people. My mother was Blanche McCarthy, who married John James Hynes.

    • My Dad, John M. Burke, moved to Port au Port East in the 50s. His sister Kathleen, was married to Gordon Young, one of the first Newfoundlanders hired by the Americans in Stephenville. He ran the power plant at the Harmon Air Force base in Stephenville. By the way, Kathy Murray, I married the daughter of Isobel (Bates) White.

  6. Nice collection of info here…
    I am interested in info on James Dyett and his business, circa 1903-1905. Namely his schooner “D.M. Owen”, which he purchased from someone at St-Pierre. A later owner of the schooner was my Grandfather, Eldon Bishop of Wesleyville.
    Any info would be appreciated

    • Barry:
      The Dyett family moved to St. Jacques in the mid to late 1800’s from a community named Blanchette – Blanchard on some maps, which was also in Fortune Bay. They operated a fish harvesting/brokering business along with a retail operation. They owned several schooners including the D.M. Owen. James, “Jimmy” Dyett died on July 13 1938 at age 73. The business continued in the family line until the late 1970’s. There are no Dyett family members currently living in St. Jacques.

  7. Very interesting! I see some of my ancestors in that group…

    I’m the granddaughter of Effie Belle Fairweather (nee Fiander), the daughter of Blanche Fiander (Noseworthy), daughter of Ida Noseworthy (Young) 😉

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