Posted by: alexhickey | April 26, 2014

Google Street View – St. Jacques

Have you been to St. Jacques for a visit recently? I was there a couple of days ago and the visit recharged my batteries.  Like salmon who return to the stream in which they were hatched I feel the constant pull back to that community.  I know from your comments and messages that many of you feel the same way.  I have an advantage of proximity which many others do not have.  Today I discovered that our old friend Google has posted it’s Street View of St. Jacques.  Click on Street View of St. Jacques to be taken to a position on the road just west of the Roman Catholic Cemetery.  From here you can follow the road through town.  Pause now and then to look all around you.  Street View permits a 360 degree rotation from any position.

Use you mouse or the arrow keys on your computer to navigate the roads.  Watch out for the potholes!  It is almost like being there.  You may even see someone on the road or in their garden you recognize.  I know, I did!  After your trip ‘home’ leave a comment below and tell me about your visit.  I’d love to hear from you.


Google Street View Entering St. Jacques


  1. So good for me to be able to “walk” around the harbour this evening! Thanks to you and to Google!!

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